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Handmaid's fall flat: Kylie Jenner faces reaction for themed party

At the point when Kylie Jenner posts via web-based networking media she gets a huge number of responses, a large number of which are immensely complimentary - yet not this time. 

The internet based life star has gotten a serious backfire following a Handmaid's Tale themed party she tossed for her companion Anastasia Karanikolaou at the end of the week.

Kylie posted recordings and photos of her and her companions in the unmistakable red robes and white hoods worn by handmaids, mistreated female characters in Margaret Atwood's tragic novel.

In a video presented on Instagram, Kylie invites partygoers by saying: "Recognition be, women. Welcome, welcome. You realize The Handmaid's Tale is my preferred show ever... welcome to Gilead."

Numerous web based life clients were neutral by the gathering's "offensive topic" in which visitors appreciated "acclaim be vodka" and "under his eye tequila".

The Handmaid's Tale recounts to the tale of a male centric United States where prolific ladies are exposed to a real existence of sexual bondage by the dictator government named Gilead.

As richness rates plunge these handmaids are compelled to have kids for the rich and incredible.

Responding to the topic one Instagram client remarked: "This is so wrong on such huge numbers of levels. To praise the subjugation of ladies is insidiously bonehead and shows how really oblivious Kylie and her mates are.

"They clearly don't comprehend the reason of the book or TV arrangement... It's humiliating."